"When a corporation brings me in, my job is to give them something that they have never seen before and to make myself totally available to all their needs." -John Macready

John is a spectacular entertainer as well as exceptional motivator. His presentation is both a live performance and an artful oration. You will not see him present in a coat and tie, but in a shinny silver suit! His unique style demonstrates the intensity and focus required to be the best. John provides his audience with the experience of witnessing live Olympic level gymnastics. The combination of his high-energy pommel horse exhibition and extreme entertainment level makes this motivational show a fresh and unique experience. He leaves his audiences both refreshed and exhilarated. It is rare to find such an unforgettable presentation that combines intelligent humor, amazing athletic performance, and such a climactic message.

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If turning heads and attracting attention is your goal then John Macready is your man. John can give your product that extra attention it needs to get noticed by everyone. Known in the gymnastics world as the premier entertainer, anywhere John is, you can be sure there will be a crowd following.

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