"Be prepared to run faster and jump higher toward your goals... and dreams! John Macready has the message for you to grasp, the credentials for you to believe, and the energy to motivate you into action!"

Charles Davis - Former Director of Walt Disney's PGA Golf Classic

"The Circle A 10 Program is a must see motivational seminar for everyone. John's demonstration is very powerful with a twist of humor.He shows how everyone can both WIN and "Circle A 10" everyday. You will walk away from this with a new energy!!!!"

Eric Dolieslager - Coca Cola

"Like nothing I have ever seen before. From start to finish I was amazed with what John can do in front of his audience. John is not only a great performer, but more importantly, he is one of the easiest people to work with."

Steve Folgarty - Coldwell Banker

"An exhilarating and daring show, combining motivation with shocking entertainment. What a package!"

Charile Jansing - Kawasaki

"John has a unique ability to blend his athletic background in a very entertaining fashion. His commitment to performing at a very high level is an indication of the effort and attention to detail that made him an
Olympian. He is adaptable and able to deliver to a variety of audiences."

Steve Penny - Sr. Vice President, USA Gymnastics

"John Macready delivers a championship performance every time he steps in front of a group of people. He motivates people to perform at their best and to reach their ultimate goals."

Ernest P. Valliere - President, EPV Marketing Consultants

Some companies John has worked with:

Coca Cola
John Hancock
General Motors
Coldwell Banker
US West
United States Olympic Committee
USA Gymnastics
March of Dimes
Make A Wish Foundation
Salon Selectives
Furnishings Plus
Honda Motor sports

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